Heber Alba Harris of Canterbury, Connecticut, married 8 December 1799, Polly (Mary Polena) Phillips, in Pomfret Connecticut.

Heber was born around 1770 in Canterbury, Connecticut and died at the Harris Farm on the west bank of Lake Honeoye, Ontario County, New York, 4 October, 1827. 

His wife Polly died at the age of 68 on 9 July 1844 in Wayne County, Michigan as recorded on the Gravestone in the Tyler Road Cemetery, north of Belleville, MI.  Polly's parents were Barnard and Lovina (Munger) Phillips of Pomfret, CT.

According to information passed down through two different families, the Harris clan had its origin on the Harris Isle off the West Coast of Scotland in feudal times.  Because of conflicts, wars, and religious convictions, they were scattered throughout England and Wales.  One family sketch tells of them joining the "Anabaptist Movement" and were driven out of England.  Another sketch states "they came from England to get away from Roman Catholic persecution. 

Walter Harris (1590-1654), the first member of our family to come to the colonies arrived in 1632.

New Lisbon, New York - The first town-meeting was held

March 3, 1807, at which the following officers were elected:

Note "Eber Harris" is elected fence viewer.


Children of Heber Alba Harris and Polly (Mary Polena) Phillips Harris
Hiram 20 November 1800 Pomfret, CT
David  3 May 1802 Pomfret, Ct
Shubael 13 September 1803 Pomfret, CT
Albey (Alba's Page) 17 November 1805 New Lisbon, NY
Heber 25 February 1807 New Lisbon, NY
Amy Ann 30 June 1808 New Lisbon, NY
Barnard 23 March 1810 New Lisbon, NY
Julia Ann 28 October 1811 New Lisbon, NY
Sophia 28 May 1813 New Lisbon, NY
Mary Ann 22 September 1815 Canadice, New York (Honeoye)
Abigail  8 May 1817 Canadice, New York (Honeoye)