Harris Family Tree

1 Luther Harris--1539, Kingston, Surrey, England

  2 Walter Harris--1565-1632, Kingston, Surrey, England

   3 Walter Harris--Born:1592 Weymouth, Dorset, England.
                          Married: 1641 Mary Fry
                          Died 6 Nov 1654,Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA.

    4 Gabriel Harris--Born: 2 Mar 1629, New London, New London, Connecticut, USA.
                            Married: 3 Mar 1653, Elizabeth Abbott, Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut, USA.
                            Died: 16 Mar 1684, New London, New London, Connecticut, USA

     5 Samuel Harris--Born: 14 Jul 1666 New London, New London, Connecticut, USA.
                             Married: 5 Aug. 1687 Elizabeth Gibson
                             Died:4 Mar 1725 New London, New London, Connecticut, USA.

      6 Samuel Harris--Born: 5 Mar 1697 New London, New London, Connecticut, USA.
                              Married: Dinah Wilcox, 15 Jan 1753, Killingworth, Middlesex, Connecticut, USA.
                              Died: 1757, Fort Edward, Washington, New York, USA.

       7 Paul Harris--Born: 20 March 1724, New London, Connecticut, USA.
                           Married: 20 Sep 1749, Mary Herrington, Canterbury, Windham, Connecticut
                           Significant Other: Amy Stanton, 1733-21 April 1819, Brooklyn, Windham, Connecticut, USA.
                           Died: 17 November 1777, Canterbury, Windham, Connecticut, USA.

The following are descendants of Paul Harris and Amy Stanton, a single woman. Content Stanton, Joel Stanton, Aman Stanton, Abiah Stanton, Hosea Stanton, and Heber Harris.  Only Heber was given the Harris surname at birth.  Later in life, the boys took the last name, Harris.  For the purpose of this Web site, we are going to follow only Heber Harris' line.  A more complete record is located at http://www.ancestry.com, Polly Harris Family Tree.

        8 Heber Alba Harris--Born: abt 1774, Brooklyn, Windham Co, Connecticut, USA.
                                     Married: Mary Polena Phillips, 8 Dec 1799,
                                     Died: 4 October 1827, Honeoye, Ontario, New York, USA.
         9 Hiram Harris--Born: 20 November 1800, Pomfret, Windham, Connecticut, USA.
                              Married: 28 Mar 1824, Polly T. Blake
                              Died: 6 Sep 1873, Dryden, Michigan, USA
                              Burial: Harris Cemetery, Dryden Center, Michigan, USA.

         9 David Harris--Born: 1802
         9 Shubael Harris--Born: 1803
         9 Alba (Albey) Harris--Born: 1805
         9 Heber Harris--Born: 1807
         9 Barnard Harris--Born: 1810
         9 Amy Ann Harris--Born: 1810
         9 Julie Ann Harris--Born: 1811
         9 Sophia Harris--Born: 1813
         9 Mary Ann Harris--Born: 1815
         9 Abigail Harris--Born: 1817