Married at 2:00 p.m. on 28 March 1824, Hiram and Polly T. Blake Harris of Naples, New York, were married at her father's home.  Hiram and Polly T.  Blake Harris had 12 children.  Here are the the names the children:

Bethany, born 1825; married John Fowler
Hiram, Jr., born September 3, 1826; married Mila Ann Burton1 Lena Kittredge2
Pearl, born November 2, 1828 (died in infancy)
William, born December 27, 1829; married Millie Burton
Lavina, born April 1, 1831; married Otis Fuller
Mary, born 1836; married Daniel Burton
Luman, born October 26, 1839; married Frances Brown
Martha, born November 16 1841
George Washington, born July 11, 1845; married Elizabeth Brown1  Fannie Calhoun2
10  Luther, born October 5, 1847; married Mary Hunt
11  Heber, born April 16, 1849; married Lucy Maria Brown. They had 6 children.
12  David M., born July 26, 1852; married Anna Webster
* The first five children were born in New York, the rest in Michigan.