Military Records of the Hiram Harris Family

Clarence Harris -
France Pays Tribute To WWI Vet. 

Luman Harris Residency, Shiawassee County
Enlisted as a private on 8 October 1861 at the age of 21 in Company A 10th Infantry Regiment, Michigan on 6 February, 1862.
Received a disability discharge on 23 December, 1862 in Benton Barracks, St. Louis, MO. 

William H. Harris
E Company 7 Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry and C Company 9 U.S. Veteran.  Died 16 October, 1909.  He had 2 living daughters at that time, Emma A. Harris born 12 August, 1882 and Bessie May Harris born 13 May, 1887 by his second marriage.  His second wife died around 1894.  He divorced his first wife. 

Lavina Harris's husband, Otis Fuller

Source - American Civil War soldiers.

Note 2007 - Robert Sharrard, has canteen from Gettysburg with Company, WI.

Genealogy - Robert Sharrard 
Rita Harris - Glenn Sharrard
Paul Arthur Harris - Geraldine Marie Carson
George Leonard Harris - Leila Thick Harris
Heber Harris - Mariah Lucy Brown
Hiram Harris - Polly Blake
Heber Alba Harris - Polly Phillips